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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

gif wonderland!

Who doesn't love a mediocre-quality animated picture? Enjoy a selection of my favourite gifs! Beware, this is a very lively post and I'm not an expert on certain illnesses but I think this is the point when the newsperson says 'this report contains flashing images'... Even though it doesn't but it's just very busy. Aha XD


Aaw, the sassy dog says bye! Signed, Geekling. xx

Thoughtless Thursday... from last week! Oops!

So I've managed to catch a cold, hurrah! (*sarcasm intended*) which means I have a sore nose and sore face and sore muscles so I went and typed into Google the word 'fluffy'. You can thank me later!

Signed, Geekling. xx

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Emoji challenge!

Hi! Didn't see you there! *cringes at how cheesy that intro was*. So... I've forgotten what I was going to say now. Eerm... *favourite song comes on, stops to appreciate the lyrical genius*.

Ok, so today I am going to do the emoji challenge. Although it's not that much of a challenge to pick 5 emoji's which best describe you, is it? So, I tagged myself because it is also a tag and I'm going to stop this really messed up first paragraph and get on with it.

1) The first emoji which describes me would probably be the two hearts emoji. I picked this one just because I'm always trying to be nice and caring towards other people (that's why I don't have any proper enemies) and I try to be friendly, because a smile is just about the only thing free nowadays so you may as well get your moneys worth! That doesn't make sense, but hopefully you got my point! 

2) Number 2 is the nervous emoji. I'm kind of like this emoji all the time (perhaps not on the outside! XD) but there is always something or someone to worry about for me, because that is the kind of unnecessarily anxious person that I am! So, yeah, I need to relax a lil' bit I suppose.


3) Ok, number three is this cute little pastel pink flower. I chose this one because a) I use it so much because it goes really well with the yellow heart (I sound like some emoji connoisseur now XD), b) because I am gentle and fragile like a flower and c) because I like floral patterns and pastel colours so it kind of has a bit of my likes in there too! Also because the flower crown edit on the monkey emoji is so cute!

4) Next is the palette and the camera emoji. I bent the rules slightly by having two but I suppose they are both in the same kind of category. I'm quite an arty person (would never say I'm good at it) but I enjoy it and I find it relieves stress, hence the paint palette. I also like photography and capturing significant points in my life, hence the camera... Not a fan of the selfie though, I'm not really a photogenic kind of person XD 

5) Finally, the last emoji is the number 3. Before I start getting 'illuminati confirmed' comments, let me explain why I picked this! First the number 3 is my lucky number (from that weird jingle that goes 'three is the magic number') but also because I have this weird OCD-like thing to do with the number 3. For instance, I cannot wash my mouth out (sorry, sounds a little gross) after brushing my teeth more or less than 3 times because otherwise I will have a bad day. Also, whenever I am counting something I always go in chunks of three instead of 2 or 5, just because it's what I naturally do. So there you go, we all have our little quirks and the number 3 is mine! 

Hope you enjoyed this post, perhaps even found it interesting. Thoughtless Thursday in a few days... it's a cute one! Signed, Geekling. xx

That moment when you get carried away on Pinterest...Wishlist time!

*Little rant*
Sorry readers that this blog post is shorter than usual... or the writing isn't funny or interesting or seems a bit forced! Thanks to me trying to make something bold, the whole post (pictures, dodgy intro, writing and all!) got deleted! Yes, that's right, deleted. I thought ' it's alright though, my trusty friend Ctrl Z will undo that' but for some reason it decided it was taking a day off! *Walks out of room, screams, comes back in* On with the post!

Ok, so we have all been there scrolling through Pinterest when you've got nothing better to do or there is nothing good on the telly (because it's around 1am!) and we end pinning the most random inventions/ life hacks/ clothing or in my case weird geometric crockery! So I thought I'd share with you a few items from my random wishlist:

1) The fairy asked 'any salt with that?'
Now, I actually don't like salt or pepper adding to my meals but these are just so cute! Little black and white fairy wands so you can turn into a fairy when adding seasoning to your dinner! A fairy that works at a restaurant that is...

2) Who said pizza wasn't healthy? 
Ok, so maybe riding a bike with your hand isn't the greatest form of exercise, especially when pizza is the prize but how cool are these!? Whoever said pizza cutters are new-fangled machines obviously hadn't seen the pizza bicycle slicers...I want them now! Aaw look, they even have their own little dock so that they don't fall over when they aren't being used!

3) What, you've never seen a llama/ campervan combo?                                                                Ok, so I like my weird items and decorations for around the house, but these. These are awesome! I like campervans, and who doesn't like these awkward, fluffy, meme-worthy, girl guides song- featuring animals!? And they've even got a bit of geometric patterns and mountain ranges going on in the background... what more could you want?

4) No more toast binning!
So, it is really easy to burn your toast! On my toaster you press the button and it pops up as slightly warm bread, so you pop the slices back down again... only for them to pop up burning, setting the smoke alarm off and looking like if they were put under enough pressure they'd turn into diamonds! Well not any more! I think this may be my favourite (and most practical) item on this wishlist because you can see the whole slice of bread as it toasts! You could say, it is the best thing since sliced bread. But you wouldn't, because that would be a really bad pun!

5) The world's most relatable mug! Especially on Mondays...
I bet a lot of us have seen or heard of the famous 'grumpy cat' meme celebrity. Well his delightful (*refraining from saying mug*) face is now on mugs with a really fitting caption. So when you go for that cup of tea in the morning you are reassured that today will be as bad as you think it is! A great present for those that aren't a 'morning person'!

Thanks for reading this random post. Signed, Geekling. xxx

Monday, 18 May 2015

Sorry I'm late! Favourites: April!

Helllooo... cheeky! (Wink, wink, Watson XD)

So, yeah I've been off recently for a while. I'm not really sure why but I just suddenly thought 'who would want to read about my life etc. I'm boring and my posts are too long and why do I even post...' and thoughts along those lines and so, yeah. I guess I just didn't post because of that. But, I believe I have a few interesting things to share with you so enough with the waffle on with the... shwoffle? On with the show! Oh yeah... by the way this is a favourites post...

1) Agent Lavender and Pom Pom!
s'cuse the scratched bottle!
It's spring/ summer in the UK now and so I had to venture out of the dark greys and blacks, and blues and purples that I usually wear into something brighter! I've seen a few people wearing kind of off-white shades on their nails recently, and 'agent lavender' was the nearest I had to a tinged white polish, and I really like it! Someone even commented on my nails when I was wearing it, so I love it even more. And then 'pom pom' is so wacky and quirky and cool that it had to make it into a post. It's from urban outfitters and the bottles are so chunky and the people that work there are so funky, so yeah head on down to UO! 

2) Bubblegum tea lights!
So usually, tealights are scented the classic scents like vanilla etc, so when I saw these I was so happy! Bubblegum is one of my favourite scents and also they're a really cute pastel pink colour. I have a crystal/ amethyst tealight holder that I got from Glastonbury when I visited and it fits perfectly in there, and the pink goes well with the lilac. Also they have quite a strong smell for a tealight, and whenever I go one they smell so nice. I highly recommend if you are a candle enthusiast like myself!

3) I was here!  
This song! It gives me chills! It's not very recent, in fact I think it was released a year or two ago but after I came across it when I was surfing YouTube I kept listening to it over and over and eventually bought it for my phone. It's sung amazingly by Beyonce and written by someone called Diane Warren (the lyrics are so good!), and Beyonce performed it at World Humanitarian Day. I thought the graphics and images that were displayed behind her completely topped the performance. It almost brought a tear to my eye, and a song rarely does! The link for the YouTube video is here: Beyonce- I was here. Go listen... bring tissues!

4) Simple: spotless skin deep clean cleansing pads!
Looonngg name for a face pad but these are great! I suffer really bad with spots etc, and my skin is awful so I have tried quite a lot of face wipes and creams but these are definitely my favourites! One thing I love about them is that unlike quite a lot of other face wipes they don't dry out and they are all equally wet (sounds weird but I think you know what I mean). They also exfoliate the skin and when you are wiping your face you can feel it like scraping the skin (that made it sound like it hurts! It doesn't!) and I really like that feeling. Is that weird? Is it just me? XD 

5) Quirky drumstick bag!
As you are probably already aware my folks, I am a little bit quirky and so is my fashion sense. So I love this bag/purse (I think it's by Next) which takes on the packaging of a drumstick (you know that lollipop/ chewy sweet which takes out your dentures even when you aren't wearing any!?) Is it just me that thinks that it's really cool? Not sure where on Earth I'll wear this and what with but it's so original. It's also really clunky and has a long gold strap so it's out of your way, and this makes it really tactile so I just keep on doing and undoing the top and fiddling with the straps!

More posts to come! Signed, Geekling. xxx