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Friday, 31 July 2015

People Quotes #1

'It's a new dawn, it's a new day, and I'm...
Starting a new post series! Hopefully it'll turn out better than that Muse lyric adaptation! XD
Something I'm going to warn you is this series will be irregular due to the topic of it (which I'm going to be telling you about in a minute- calm down!) and so it might be a few a week for a while, then maybe one a month because the subject comes as it comes.

So when I went shopping recently with a relative we were crossing the road and I overheard a mum talking to their child and she said something so cute and funny- and something you don't hear too often! And I decided to make it into a series called 'People Quotes'! It's basically just snippets of conversation I overhear when I am out and about that stick in my mind long enough for me to jot them down! I will be doing one per post because they are obviously quite rare but I thought it will be a refreshing short post as opposed to most of my 
others. Ok, the first ever 'People Quotes' post is:

''I know you're a superhero but your magic powers won't stop you from getting run over!''
- a mum trying to get her young son to hold her hand when crossing the road.

Thought this one was great! Signed, Geekling. x

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

My Week In... Make-up!

Something new today! Might turn it into a series ('My Week In...'), or I might not. Depends how many ideas I can come up with and whether this goes down well. My week in makeup this time, anyhow. I took a photo of the makeup products I'd used each day, I don't wear much (in my opinion!) unless I'm going out partying or anything like that. Please excuse the fact that the last two are a different size, I couldn't get them to match the others for some reason. Oh well! 

Products Mentioned: Primark Blending Brush, Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream, L'Oreal Paris miss manga Punky Mascara, EOS lip balm in Sweet Mint, Essence lipstick in 'Wearing Only a Smile', Claire's red lipstick, Collection 'Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner' eyeliner, Nivea Essential Care lipbalm stick, Nivea Lip Butter in 'Raspberry Rose', Natural Collection Lipgloss in 'Caramel Shortcake', Benefit 'Roller Lash' Mascara, Calvin Klein eyeshadow duo (I used the brown shade to fill in my brows), Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub, Models Own Nail Polish in 'Gumball', and L'Oreal Paris Topcoat in 'Sequin Explosion', Renbow 'Crazy Colour' temporary hair dye in 'Pinkissimo', Ted Baker lipgloss, Maybelline Brow Satin in 'dark blonde', Rimmel 'Match Perfection' concealer and highlighter in 'ivory', Rimmel 100% waterproof mascara, Maybelline SuperStay 14hr Lipstick in 'Always Plum', EOS lip balm in cranberry, Maybelline colour sensational lipstick in 'Midnight Plum' and finally Collection 'Work the Colour' eye-shadow pencil in 'Hot Chocolate 4'. Gosh! That took ages! There aren't loads of products but the names and brands are so long! XD

**DISCLAIMER** I am not trying to brag or boast with the make-up I own, or make you feel down or not good enough if you don't wear makeup... trust me I have only just started! You haven't seen what it looks like on either, I look like a vampire in that purple lipstick!!! You are all so beautiful. 

Signed, Geekling. xxx

Part of a New Group!

Please don't get the impression from the title I have joined some boy-band (why did I choose boy-band!? I'm female!) boy-band  girl-band! No I have actually joined Blog Lovin'. Which is a site that I have been aware of for a few years but don't really know much about. I know that it's for people who want to discover or follow certain blogs, but also for blog owners to let followers, well... follow them. I  don't know if any of this is making sense but I joined it! *Releases party popper and does the conga round her house with her dog* Joking... my dog's feeling ill so he wasn't up to it... Today.

Also, can I just say how lovely the Blog Lovin' follow me widget is? (Look to the right) It fits in well, I think. Happy about that. 

I'm currently working things out as I go along, so if you are an experienced Blog Lovin' user please help me out in the comments below. So far all I have done is followed a few people, claimed my blog (which kind of reminded me of when you are waiting for your suitcases to come out of the weird rubber-curtained abyss at the airports. Don't ask!) and then edited my profile slightly.

So, yeah! A whole new beginning maybe... it could open a few doors! Or windows. Don't forget the windows.

Ok. Bye guys! Signed, Geekling. 

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

My Top 5 Favourite Artists!

Art is one of my passions and pastimes and as I was feeling particularly arty and was looking through the Instagram feed of two of my favourite artists I thought I'd share them with you! Especially because most of them aren't the classics! They are in no particular order, I just bullet pointed them so it looks a bit easier on the eye... Hope you find it interesting!

  • Kate Louise Powell ~ I only discovered Kate Louise Powell last year after looking at an art website and saw her art featured in it and fell in love. After reading and researching more about her and her art, I found out why butterflies made a common appearance- and loved the concept of using them as a symbol of hope- and I think looking at her art kind of helped me. I don't know how to explain but her art put what I was feeling into an image. Now, there isn't a month that goes by without me looking at her art or reading about her, as a person and an artist, in awe. Some of my favourite pieces of hers are 'Storyteller: Recovery', 'The Butterfly Project', her art piece inspired by the quote 'I tried to paint my soul but all I could think of was flowers', 'What do you feel bitter about?' and how could you miss out 'John Lemon'. She is definitely one of my biggest art inspirations.

  • Vincent Van Gogh ~ He was the first artist I was aware of as a little child, and I remember doing a booklet about his art and his life, as well as a few recreations of his art by myself (which are too embarrassing to show!). The way he painted and the paint he used created so many layers and built up the painting. My favourite piece by him, is 'Starry Night'. The mostly blue background which make the stars pop with colour, the swirling effect of the sky and the composition just create the most accurate atmosphere, for me, of night. Him and his work fascinate me.
  • Banksy ~ I think Banksy has revolutionised the art world, making the concept of street art become accepted by the majority. Before, his work and others like it, may have been classed as hassling graffiti but now it is classed as art, only with a different canvas . Although he is a controversial artist, (and I am not trying to encourage pointless tagging or doodles which deface property) I think his work is amazing. So simple, so effective and often with a deep and political meaning behind it. I also think the fact that to the public his identity isn't certain, adds to his art- as he becomes kind of an anonymous protester. I love the ' follow your dreams: cancelled' piece, as it brutally reflects modern life and the limitations society tries to provide. Another of my favourites is 'Keep your coins, I want change' which depicts a homeless man, with that slogan on his board. 

She digitally painted one of my favourite people! 

  • Kelsey Cook ~ I got introduced to Kelsey Cooke when my friend recommended her YouTube channel to me and I saw her art and couldn't believe it was painted/ drawn! Still, to this day when she posts a new photo on her Instagram I have to take two, three or even four looks to realised it's not in fact a photo! Her digital paintings especially, which she also posts to her YouTube channel. I recently got in touch with her on a private message with my friend and she gave us both great advice and an artist to look into, which I now have and I am intrigued and now a fan of their work too! Watching her videos and seeing her final pieces motivates me to get a move on with my own, (because I take way too long to get a piece finished!) as she paints or creates her art on her tablet and laptop in one sitting! It takes me at least 10! I think her work is incredible and she definitely needs to be known of more than she already is! Her YouTube account is
  • Lee Price ~ I'm not actually sure how I discovered Lee Price, but I know the work which did. It was her series of paintings which explained women's complicated relationship with food and eating. For a while until I read an on-line news article about her work I believed it was a photography series, but discovered they are actually paintings, and that she is an incredible, American photo realism artist. Her paintings are so intimate, detailed and interesting and to me, can't be told apart from high quality photos. And I love the fact that her paintings are set in a place associated with privacy and being by yourself, as it contributes towards the back story behind the pieces of art which people may not pick up on first time. Like I said, these paintings are so detailed you can keep looking at them for hours.

This post has turned out quite long, so I'm sorry if you aren't a fan of long pieces of text! Obviously there are a lot of other artists that I am a huge fan, but these for now are my favourite and have been for a while. Thanks for reading. Signed, Geekling. xxx

Monday, 27 July 2015

For The Person Reading This In Ten Years Time...

It suddenly occurred to me today, after trying to persuade my mum that 'on fleek' was actually a phrase, that these slang terms will probably not be around in a few years. So I decided- just to freak the person reading this in ten years time (yes, I'm NEVER deleting this blog!)- to write down a few phrases or words which are popular right now, and they're urban dictionary definition. And then I can snuggle up to this post when I am older and reminisce/ feel embarassed at the post. 

On Fleek ~ ''The quality of being perfect, or on point i.e. Zayn Malik.'' 
(To the ten years older me reading this. Zayn Malik was a member of the band One Direction. YouTube it. Do you remember YouTube? You loved it.)    

On Point ~ ''To be perfect; to satisfy; whatever it was, it met the persons standards.''

Squad ~ ''Crew, posse, gang...''
Your group of friends basically. Funnily enough at one point you had a squad. They were awesome.

Squad Goals ~ ''an inspirational term for what you'd like your group of friends to be or accomplish...''

Swag ~ Ok, so we haven't got an urban dictionary definition for this one because it was just someone who obviously had a lot to get off their chest about the word swag. Basically it meant you were cool, and had style... You never had it. 

Bae ~ ''Used by people on the internet, meaning baby, sweetie, etc.'' 
You hated the word when it was popular- people used to use it to talk about their friends. I only used it with Sherl talking about Benedict Cumberbatch *cough* Benebae *cough*.

I Ship It ~ This is a fandom word, you used this one a lot actually. Mostly for book characters or random strangers you see in the street. ''Short for relationship, popularised in fanfiction circles.'' You were part of many fandoms... Many.

These were the main ones anyway. May do a part 2, comment if I should! Anyway, how's life ten years from now? Comment down below future me! Signed, Geekling. xx

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Summer Bucket-List

I'll be surprised if I achieve any of these but the kids are out and it's summer! Keep coming back to this post because I'll be crossing them off as I complete them! *Five years later. Still none crossed off* Oh, the optimist I am!

1) Bake a really awesome cake/cupcakes/cookies
Blog post about them here!
2) Go on a photography trip... You know I love me' photography!
3) Walk my dog somewhere really nice and escape the busy world momentarily.
4) Spend time with my friends.
5) Have a Sherlock marathon with Sherl! Missing you Sherl!
6) Make a batch of cumber-cookies and call it a Cumberbatch!... I'm such a saddo...
7) Complete a book... I've been stuck in the 'just finished a good book and now I never want to start another one again' rut for a while now.
8) Have a day of non-stop F.R.I.E.N.D.S box set watching!
9) Spend a whole day when I don't use my phone. *Scoffs*
10) Improve my blog and get more daily viewers on average. So spread the word about my blog!
11) Go jogging... the last time I went I about froze to death. It was winter. Leggings were the wrong choice of clothing. I don't know what I was thinking!
12) Go to IKEA  
See what I bought, here!
13) Find out what 'Bubble Tea' is!? Seriously, what is that stuff!? Anyone who knows, comment down below!
14) Complete some of my unfinished art... I have a few pieces that I lose confidence on or get bored of and so they just get left unfinished. 
15) Go to Camden Market again... one of my favourite places in the world!

Here's a picture of some grass.
Signed, Geekling. xx

Friday, 24 July 2015

The Best and Most Delicious Cookies in the World Ever! No Debate!

Brighten anyone's day!

When I was on the plane journey to Greece recently (''Gosh, will she ever stop going on about her holiday to Greece!?''), I read the whole of the YouTuber Tanya Burr's book- called 'Love, Tanya'. Towards the back she has a few of her favourite recipes, and whilst I was looking through I saw a couple that I'd love to make!

And today I made one!
It was the 'Triple Chocolate Cookies' recipe and oh my goodness! By far the best smelling room spray in the world. These things smell up the whole house with their chocolately, gooey goodness! Delish!

I always see Tanya, Zoe and Alfie eating these in their vlogs and I'm so jealous every time because I want to reach through the screen and grab it right out of their hands! Not that I'm a violent person but these cookies'll make ya' do anything! Joking, I wouldn't really grab them from your hands, guys. Aaaw, I feel bad now. I'm a good person! Really, I am!

The recipe is quite easy to follow and also their really simple to make (only took me around 45 minutes and I'm a slow cook, who sat down for a break and an energy drink halfway through, and had to wait until my friend went out and got the choclate!)

Like it says in the recipe, when I took them out, I was scared they weren't done, but in the 30 minutes cooling and resting time they harden inside a little and so don't completely melt when you move them. The added daim bars give it a really lovely crunch and chewiness as well.

Aah! Tanya I love you! This recipe is divine! 
Signed, Geekling. xxx

P.s Sorry if I made you really hungry showing you pictures of these cookies, but gosh! Aren't they just gorgeous! 

Thursday, 23 July 2015

A Walk in the Park!

'Life is a walk in the park'
A wise man said to me
I shook my head and walked on
But now I'm starting to agree.

Along your way there'll be thistles
To try and drag you down
But you can just walk over them
Before they take your crown.

There'll be risky paths,
Of which you'll fear to take
But a 'what if?' is far worse
than an 'oops' or a mistake.

You'll look up the trees
And think 'how'd they get so tall?'
But soon you'll be climbing them
And you won't feel so small.

And sometimes the sun will shine
Or the rain will fall on your parade
But life is full of umbrella's
To offer you some aid.

You'll fall down a few times
And maybe scrape your knees
But a friend will come by and help
Just remember your pretty please.

So the wise man was right I suppose
Life is like a walk in the park
Sometimes it will shine so bright
Others the clouds'll be dark.

Been a while since I've done one of these... I don't know why I said 'one of these'- it's just a poem! You can probably smell the cheese 10 miles away but I thought I'd publish it. Funnily enough I thought of the ideas whilst I was walking in a park, so I guess it's appropriately named.
Have a happy evening (or day depending on where you are in the world).
Signed, Geekling. xxx

A Fresh Start!

So, what do you guys think? New theme, new layout, new blog title layout, new background! Lots of new things- not a new me though!

As you can probably tell if you have visited this blog more than once (why thankyou. It's a rarity!) I have somewhat changed the look and feel of my blog. I intend to write more from the heart as well, all my thoughts (well, perhaps not all my thoughts. Jeez, my posts would be coming a million a day!) and daily ideas, instead of the norm challenges. I'll still do most of my old kind of posts but as well as the above suggestions. I'm getting quite excited now. I love you, blog!

Oh and a little shoutout to the people that visited here today- or that one person who kept refreshing my page because they thought the wi-fi wasn't working. It is, by the way. For some reason (I've tried to find out why but I can't seem to locate the source) my pageviews have increased by more than half today. What a lovely thing!

Ok, that's it. Carry on with whatever you were doing. I'll return to my writing and stretch my leg before it goes entirely numb because for some reason I'm writing this whilst sitting in a ball on the floor. Such spontaneity! 

Signed, Geekling. xx 

Thoughtless Thursday- Benebae!

It's Whenpicnic Remembersnack (the incredible Benedict Cumberbatch) with a hint of Martin Freeman this week. How can you not enjoy!? 

Signed, Geekling. xx

Monday, 20 July 2015

Thankyou for 8000!

The cat says it all!
I swear that only yesterday my blog had about 5000 pageviews!? What happened there!? Anyway, thankyou so so so much guys. I love every single one of you- even the one that just accidentally clicked on here and is like 'gosh... I think I've stumbled on some awards ceremony going on. I'll just leave'. Well 
a) Stay! Become a Geekling! (I rarely call you that so don't worry!)
and b) I have reached 8000 pageviews which, for me, is flipping huge! So come in, sit down. Have some cake!

I don't know what happened there... I'll move on...

I don't know what to do to thank you lot, so once again, let me know in the comments section if you have any ideas. I have had a suggestion of post some of my art, because it is one of my hobbies, but I rarely finish anything! Perhaps I'll produce a blog themed piece?

Also, a little reminder, if you like what you see, do what it says in my caption. Share, comment and subscribe! (You can follow by email at the bottom of my blog, I don't look at your email and no one else can see it so it is completely private... Just in case you are a spy! I find spies make up a large portion of my audience)

Ok, that's all for now! Signed, Geekling. xxxxxxxxx

A Mini IKEA Haul!

Hello! Recently (yesterday XD) I went on a little trip to IKEA after someone mentioned Swedish meatballs and I suddenly wanted to go! I went for a mooch (not for anything in particular) and so ended up fuelling my candle addiction... As well as buying a few other things as well. Enjoy!

1) Lantern Tea-Light Holder!
When I saw this I fell in love! It is so incredibly cute and quaint and even though I think it is meant for outdoor use I have decided it looks nice in my room! It is an off-whitey grey colour with a glass middle to show off the tealight. It's made of metal- which has little stars cut out and dotted around the body- so I'm imagining that it will create some interesting shadows in dark light if the tea-light is lit. I can't wait to use it!

Price: £2... bargainous!

2) Teapot Notebook!
The last time I visited IKEA they didn't have a gift-wrapping or stationary section, but this time I noticed they'd designated a colour-coordinated (thankyou IKEA!) corner for just that! So I looked around and spotted this quirky notebook with a vintage teapot illustration on the front and then black edging to the pages. After using it today to do some doodling I love it even more because the pages are put in in a way that means when you open it to a certain page, the other side doesn't flop over... both sides are completely flat so you don't have to hold them down. Does that make sense? Anyway, I'm happy I got it!

Price: £3

3) Geometric Tumbler!
I have a bit of a weird love for glasses and cups and tumblers etc so I love that particular section in IKEA. I have loads of quirky glasses and milk jugs and things like that so when I saw this I thought it was a simple but effective addition to the collection. Mint green is also one of my favourite colours and I think it compliments the other navy and white triangles really well. I also don't drink a lot (drink lots- it's important!!!) so this is the perfect size portion for me.

IKEA name: HANSYN (the 'a' has the two dots over the top but I can't seem to add that on Blogger, sorry!)
Price: 50p- Amazing value!

4) Rose Candle Trio!
Back to candles! These candles are so vintagey (not a word, but it should be!). Not only are they really shallow so they can go almost anywhere and look really girly and cute but the wax is a beautiful pale pink colour and the ceramic dish it sits in is decorated with little rose detail! I'm not a huge fan of floral scents but I actually, really like this subtle smell (which is of course, rose!). I have dotted these candles, individually, around my room, but I'm sure if you found the right dish they'd look lovely as a trio on display.

Price: £3 for three

5) Apple Candle & Frilly Holder!
Apple is one of my favourite scents, and at only 95p for a glass full, I had to get my hands (and nose! XD) on this candle. Then, when I was walking around with it in my big yellow IKEA bag I came across the frilly white candle holder in the photo! I bought one of these the last time I came to IKEA and used it to a hold a heart-shaped cactus (don't ask!) but I thought that it would also look good against the lime green wax of the apple candle and so I bought it- what do you think? I think it looks very Tumblr and cute!

~Apple candle~
Price: 95p

Price: £2

And here is a picture of my dog, Tike, photo bombing the picture... He's not quite sure what a 'candle' is yet, but he liked the apple smell! Aaaw, he's so cute!

* I also picked up a cream version of the candle, exactly the same but has the scent of vanilla. I thought I'd pop it in the holder when the apple one burns out!

I also picked up a 'Knubbig' table lamp for £7 however I have set it up on my desk and it is in a really awkward place for me to be able to take a photo of it! It is right in the corner behind my stationary and next to my paperwork so the photo looks really messy! Anyway, it is a small ceramic circular lamp made of frosted glass. The glass has a subtle opaque white floral detail on top of the glass though to add some interest. I love it! 

That's it for now! Thoughtless Thursday this week is either Benedict Cumberbatch (*hearts as eyes emoji!*) or 'Totally Tumblr' Tumblr overlays... not decided yet! Vote down below in the comments. Signed, Geekling. xxx

Greece: My Week In Photos!

*I have used two photos per day instead of one because I took so many each day!! Also- a little reminder- you can click each image to enlarge it if you want to look in closer detail. Ok, that's it. Enjoy!*





A bit of reading!



I came home on Friday- hence the lack of photos!

Signed, Geekling. xx

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Crete Diary: My week in Crete, Greece!

Hello Geeklings!
As I've mentioned in some of my recent posts I have been away to Greece for a week for a little bit of a relax. I have come back feeling a lot less stressed and a lot more happy, so yeah- a good start to summer for me! I've took loads of photos (300!) and I really want to share some of them with you guys so I am going to do a week in photos: Greece post, as well as this post (which has some other photos I took in it as well) which is a mini diary/chat thing. Happy reading!

Ok so after the day that I arrived, which was Friday (at midnight!) we woke up and went out for breakfast because we were self-catering. I wasn't really sure what their dishes were like, most of them were meat (And I'm pescetarian so that was a no-no XD) so I ended up having a pizza... Yes. A pizza. At 10am. Don't judge me! And that was delicious, especially the base. It was like crunchy. Anyway I'm not going to bore you with how the base of a pizza tasted like, so moving swiftly on...

After going to the supermarket to buy cereal and necessities (and me marvelling over the fact they had the coolest Haribo sweets compared to England) we decided to take a walk along the beach. And we were so lucky that our hotel had a small path, a gate, and then the beach was right in front, so we had a lovely view! Anyway, we decided to walk along the beach and oh. My. God. The sea! It's turquoise and clear and it's just. Like. Paradise sea. Those of you who have been to Greece before are probably like 'overreacting' but it was my first time and the sea is just beautiful!

After the walk along the beach and a mini paddle in the sea, it wasn't very clear the first few days because there were a lot of big waves which churned the sand up, we just relaxed all day on the sunbeds next to the pool. We just put the umbrella up, ordered a glass of coke and sat in the sun for about 4 hours (with lots of sun-cream on guys- remember to be sun safe!) and it just felt sooo pleasant to not have to work or do anything. To just. Relax! And of course we went in for a bit of a swim in the hotel pool which also had really nice water and was very refreshing!

And that is pretty much all we did for the week we were there! We did look into day trips to Spinalonga (an island where a leper colony were kept as they thought the disease was contagious) as a bit of history but it was so hot we didn't feel like a coach journey and then a boat journey, so we gave up on that idea.

Also, on the first evening we managed to find a restaurant called 'Corali' (I think it was called that!) which did exactly what you wanted because all the food was made from scratch. Which was great because I am a really fussy eater (I basically just eat plain pasta, plain omelette, margarita pizza and chips!) and the 2 owners were really welcoming, so we returned there each night. It helped that one grew up in England so she understood all the things I wanted left out and things like that, and the other man- called... you pronounced it 'Yanny' but I think it's spelt 'Yannis'- was really passionate about his place and his food and he was always saying the Greece word for cheers 'Yammas'... once again- don't know whether I'm spelling that right! They also owned a really cute dog which we managed to stroke almost every night! Who wouldn't!?

So yeah! That is my Greece diary pretty much done. I'm guessing you didn't really want me to tell you about the flight back home- it went smoothly and was only delayed by about 10 minutes, thankyou for asking- hope you enjoyed reading about it, and are not put off by the money crisis because when we went (last week), for tourists, as long as you bring cash and don't rely on the ATM's, it was fine and you didn't really notice it. Businesses need the tourists to come in or they'll struggle even more financially, so don't hesitate going if you get the chance just because of their situation!

Write to you soon. Signed, Geekling. xxx