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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

What Should I Do When I reach 8000 Pageviews!?

Hello- just a quickie! I think that in the next few weeks/ months I might reach 8000 all time pageviews, which for me is a pretty big achievement... it has took me around 4 years to get here though! Anyway, I want to do a special post or a special something for your guys but I don't know what to do? I'm open to requests so comment down below if you have any ideas... I'm not revealing myself just yet, aha, so that's out the window!

Signed, Geekling. xxx

Thoughtless Thursday: Cara Delevigne

It is the amazing actress, beautiful model and all round awesome: Cara Delevigne!

Signed Geekling. xx

Camden Market: in photos!

Ok, so quite a while ago now (the post it a bit late!) I visited one of my favourite places in the world; not the beaches of Greece, or the city of New York- just Camden Market! And as I am interested in photography I took quite a few photos! Sorry if the quality isn't great when I bump them up into extra large photos, as I only took them on my phone. I think two have got an iPhone effect on- chrome and fade, and then one I made black and white...Hope you like them! Also excuse the fact that they go over the edge of the post, I can't get them to align to the left...

Blurry on purpose- don't worry- the quality isn't that bad!

This isn't really of Camden- but I took it when I was there. Knee selfie! Aha XD

Signed, Geekling. xxx

All my Favourites!

Ok, so I was wondering whether to do a favourites for June, but I can only really think of a couple of products which have stood out for me as being awesome this month, so I might save them for next month. Instead I'm doing an all time favourites post. Hope that's alright?

click to enlarge photo!

Music: Flawless, Not Afraid or Lose Yourself, I was here, Here, most Sia songs XD, Smells like Teen Spirit and Come as You Are.  

Colour: Grey, rose gold, mint green, lilac. Surprisingly not 'void of existential black'!

Number: 3. Look on the emoji challenge post a few weeks ago and it will explain, aha. 

Place: Camden Market or Florida... although I am going to Greece and then New York soon so I think they may be up there soon!

Season: Autumn or Winter because you can wear loads of comfy layers, it sometimes snows and of course Christmas is in winter and my birthday is in Autumn!

Type of weather: Really, really rainy- literally chucking it down! Or comfortably hot with a slight refreshing breeze in summer...

Book: Looking for Alaska or the Maze Runner... started reading Eleanor and Park after wanting to buy it for so long but never getting the chance, and it is so cute! I'm getting the feeling it's going to be one of my favourites if it carries on as good as it is now!

Meal: Pizza, or pasta or Christmas roast dinner (minus the turkey because I'm pescetarian!)

Favourite food: Hobnobs dipped into Nutella (for when I'm feeling poorly to cheer me up), or cranberry and coconut crispbreads!

Chocolate bar: Hands down 'Double Decker's'! Love 'em! Flake or Crunchie being a runner up because they're tasty as well, alongside Galaxy cookie crumble bars... mmm!

Shop: Urban Outfitters! I just walk in and want to buy nearly everything, and the staff are always have such a cool style!

TV shows: I liked the most recent Broadchurch series, but I love Friends, The Big Bang Theory, The IT crowd (don't play them anymore *sniffle*) and the Great British Bake off... although it always makes me want cake!

Movies: Silver Linings playbook, the Theory of everything, Monsters Inc and Monsters University (so childish and innocent but so cute!)

YouTubers: I really love 'sunbeamsjess', 'Zoella', 'Velvetghost', 'Thatcherjoe' and I've recently been getting into 'Pewdiepie'. At the moment though I tend to binge watch sunbeamsjess (Jess) the most, her voice is so soothing and I love her style XD. 

Flower: Poppies (even though I don't really like the colour red), or daisies because they're so dainty!

Names: I've recently started liking the name 'Fleur', but I also like the names Astrid, Scout, Alaska (from my favourite book!), Poppy, Blue, Elsie, Matilda and Kate for girls... and for boys I like Jared, Ash, Seb/ Sebastian and Alfie. 

Hope you found this a bit interesting, if you have any ideas for posts (I sometimes run out!) please comment down below. You can comment anonymously if you don't have an account or if you do non- anonymously! Whoah that sentence was messed up, aha! Writing to you soon... Signed, Geekling. xxx

My Room 101!

Feeling ill today guys so publishing posts I wrote a while ago. Happy reading 
Okey Dokey guys! After struggling with hay-fever (perhaps that a bit dramatic but I do feel like poo, aha XD) and a sore throat for the past couple of days I really wish that it didn't exist! So it lead me to the idea of this post, a 'what would I put in Room 101' type thing. In case any of you don't know, Room 101 is a UK TV show (I think the concept was taken from a famous novelists' book- not sure who though- whoopsy!) and celebrities have to talk about what they want to get rid of in the world... not all deep things like 'death', more like 'coathangers' and things like that! Aside from hay fever mine are:

1) When they don't have your size in clothing!
For me, there is nothing worse than when you are out shopping and you see a piece of clothing that you fall in love with, and you start frantically searching for one in your size... only to realise that it isn't in stock! Because then you have to go for the size above or perhaps below, which means you have to try it on in store (and I hate trying clothes on in places other than my own home!) or order it online and take the risk of having to return it. *Huffs* Sully feels my pain XD

2) Mayonnaise
Personally I can think of far worse food options than mayonnaise, but at least olives or Marmite aren't in nearly every salad/ pasta dish/ sandwich that is ready-made by a shop. I've tried eating the salads and the pastas which come in the little tubs but they just have too much mayonnaise on- so much that it is impossible to forget it is there. So, yeah, not so much the taste, but the fact it ruins nearly every on-the-go meal option!

3) When there isn't a price on something!!!!
Aaah, this annoys me so much! So many times I have been out shopping and I pick a candle or a piece of clothing or a book or some food up and it doesn't have the flipping price on! I feel really awkward and uncomfortable speaking to the staff in shops or just people besides close friends and family and so I just have to hunt around the shop for a label or another product like it... buy it and take the risk of it being extortionately priced and spending all my money at once or just leaving it. If you're reading this shops, get your sticky labels and start putting prices on everything!

Hope you found this amusing or relatable- what would you put into room 101? Signed, Geekling. xx

Monday, 22 June 2015

Some Photos of Mine

So I was looking through my camera roll trying to decide on a week for a 'my week in photos' post, I came to a conclusion that actually my weeks aren't really worth seeing! However along the way I saw some photos that I'd taken over the past few weeks/ months that I thought I'd share with you guys. So it's kind of like 'a month in photos: highlights!' post. Enjoy, and all photos on this post are my own. Signed, Geekling. xxx

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Connor Franta: A Work in Progress... Review

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Guuyyss!
This. Book.
Aaah- this book is flipping fantastic!
*regains composure. Writes more formal introduction*

Soooo, I recently picked up 'A Work in Progress' by Connor Franta, along with another book (Eleanor & Park, by Rainbow Rowell which I will hopefully also review soon!) after kind of seeing it around, hearing about it and reading a bit about it. I wasn't sure whether to get it or not- seeing as I don't watch his channel much- but I thought that it's his biography, and so it's not going to be centred around just his YouTube.

Now I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover but... come on! It's gorgeous! It's so simplistic but then really original, and as you start to read the book you can tell that design or photography is one of his passions, with beautiful and aesthetic photos laced between chapters, so yes, the cover definitely reflects that! Aaannd I'll be right back because I need some food and my stomach is making some seriously strange noises! XD

I'm back- not that you'll have noticed I was gone!- and armed with my emergency chocolate bar (Double Decker if you were wondering) (*fishes out bits of chocolate from underneath the laptop keys, with a Biro pen!*). Ok, so where was I? Oh yeah.

Besides from the cover though, a lot of the things he has to say are really inspirational and moving. His anecdotes are funny and the chatty way he narrates the book makes it an easy but thought-provoking read. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone- even if they do not watch his YouTube videos or aren't even aware of what YouTube is.

Happy reading! Signed, Geekling. x

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Follow me, friends!

Hello everybody!
I have created an Instagram account- ooh fancy! I'm not really sure what I am going to be posting yet (it isn't going to be proper blog posts or anything, just another snippet of my life and photos that you can have a share of), but I like taking photos and I'll be posting blog updates I think so yeah, give it a follow if you want. The account name is: Geeklingsblog. No posts as of yet, but I'll be posting soon. Just a lil' update! All the details are at the bottom along with my business e-mail and a way of following this blog! Also, I'm thinking of doing 'my week in photos' post sometimes, what do you think? Do you like that idea?

Photo of the day: Blurred (on purpose XD) trees from London

Write to you soon:
Signed, Geekling xx

Thoughtless Thursday- Places I Want to Visit Sometime...

A day early because I don't think I'll be uploading tomorrow! Love you all :)

Signed, Geekling. x