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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

My Favourites (It's all a bit muddled!)

Hello! (*whispers* is it me your looking for?*)

Ok, so I've cottoned on that a lot of people are doing monthly favourites so I thought I'd hop on the bandwagon and join in- just for the lols! So yeah, I've got quite a few but I'll keep the writing to a minimum. Number one is...

1) Brownie Pie!
It sounds quite weird (especially because some people associate pie with meat and savoury pastry!) but it is basically a gooey brownie inside a sweet pastry case... they are delicious. I got the recipe from a Baking book, but I'm sure if you Googled it you could make it too!

2) Pinterest.
A lot of you probably already know what Pinterest is but if you don't I'll explain it for you! It is basically an app you can get on your smartphone or online and you can type in a word or choose a category and it shows loads and loads of other 'pinners' pictures. You can then either like the image and/ or pin it on a board you can create. So it's basically like virtual scrapbooking but with other people's images! (Although you can post your own too) It's hard to explain but if you want to try it out to see what it's like, a good word to type in is 'iridescent'... it brings up loads of pretty and quirky shiny things!

3) The Comic Relief Nail Wraps!
In case you hadn't already noticed;
a) I am obsessed with all things nails!
And b) It is Comic Relief this Friday! 
So get involved and do something funny for money, or support the cause by buying something from their range. I went for a nose (I got Snorbit!) and these cute and fun nail wraps... I can't wait to use them!

4) My Sherlock Necklace
Well I also really like Sherlock (...and the actor who plays him!) and so I was recieved this as a gift, and it is a necklace with a kind of graphic design of Sherlock (from the TV adaptation) on it, it's just the prefect gift for me! As I got it for a gift I don't know where it came from, so I'm going to guess Etsy, as that site sells things like this.

5) Money Super Market's TV advert!
I know this is so random, but it makes me smile every time I see or hear it... so I shared the link with you guys so you can have a laugh too.

6) Rose Gold!
I also got bought a set of bath and beauty goodies (I'm a very lucky lady!) and all of them had rose gold lids on the bottles and it has just reignited my love of the metal By the way, this is also a good phrase to search for in Pinterest XD! I know want rose gold hair, rose gold headphones, rose gold lights and rose gold stationary! This photo is one of my fave's because it looks so vintage but it also has a funny story behind it. The perfume wouldn't spray properly so I looked to see if the end was clear and sprayed it straight into my eye. So yeah, just an insight into my incredible stupidity there!

7) Scaffold Piercings
Some people call them industrial piercings but y'know 'po-tay-to' 'po-tar-ta'! I find them quirky and a bit different. I also really like this bar, so if I did get them done (which is hopefully happening) I would get the arrow. It's like the one from Hunger Games! Oh, by the way, this isn't my image so if you want it removed by all means comment and I will replace it/ take it down.
Thanks for reading. Sorry for abandoning you for a while, it's just my life has been busy and changing quite a bit for me so I've been struggling to find time/ mindset to post. Hugs, Geekling. xx

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