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Friday, 4 September 2015

August Favourites: Part One! || 2015

Hello me' maties. I'm aware I sound like a pirate so I'll not repeat that introduction any time soon!
Anyway it's a bit of a jumble of bits and bobs that I have collated from last month that I have particularly enjoyed using, or found myself liking or buying again. Don't know why I have just explained the whole theme of a favourites post but I'll just get on with it. lol. Does anyone even use that word anymore!? I've not put capitals on the 'L'because then it looks unsymmetrical and weird and I just don't like it. XD

1) The Great British Bake Off
If you haven't already heard about this programme and you live in the UK then why are you living under a flipping rock. Like I know how hard it is to buy houses recently but a rock was really the best accommodation you could find!? I'm only joking, don't worry. I'm sure half of you reading this are probably unaware of this programme. It is basically a baking programme (I know *yawn*) but wait 'till I tell you it's full of innuendos, cupcakes and Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry eating lots of soggy bottoms. It's on every Wednesday for a few weeks now, from 8pm-9pm and it's hilarious and comforting and just amazing. Seriously. Go watch it. Now. Well, it's not on now but you know what I mean. Probably...
I'll stop.
Sending my best wishes for your health, Sue. 

2) Patterned Glass Mason Jar!
I know that mason jars have been kind of 'trendy' over the past few months, so a lot have been designed and produced, and trust me I have a fair few in my collection now! This one, however, is really unique and something that I have never seen in terms of mason jars before. It has- oh gosh, what's the word... eeerm- indentations? Indentations wasn't the word I was after but it'll do, in the glass and so it gives it a really vintage look. It also hasn't got a handle like some of the quirky glass mason jars/ cups that are available and I actually really like that about it, as it allows it to be held a lot easier. I found your fingers get squashed between the handle when you try to hold it stably on the ones with handles, but that's just me XD. I also love the straw it comes with with is plastic, and the little gingham/ check pattern on the lid of the jar. I actually have three of these, one in a grey-brown colour, blue and then lime green, but I think they are available in others if they don't float your boat.

3) Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream
I've had this a while now (I'd say about half a year) but since I've found myself quite sensitive in terms of concealer anywhere near my ears I have been using this a lot more, and appreciating this a lot more this past month. It's a very light coverage foundation/ cream but I think of it as a tinted moisturiser as opposed to foundation. Usually things like this are recommended for people who have fairly clear skin, with only slight blemishes (which I have not got!) but I still use it, because I find foundation too heavy and scary XD. I actually look forward to applying this when I decided to have a day wearing makeup because it feels so nice on the skin, and I love rubbing it into my face with my hands as I find this gives it a more natural look. It evens out my skin and, for me, is the perfect base. I really want to try the Bronze spin-off of it, and I may try and find the one for oily skin as well, as I do find this one makes me look quite shiny, which I'm not a huge fan of! 

4) Rimmel Stay Matte Transparent Powder
I included this in the photo with the BB cream, just because they are base makeup items. As I mentioned before I find that the Dream Dresh cream can leave me looking quite shiny, and I actually prefer a matte finish on my skin, so I recently went out and bought this and now I just find it incredibly helpful. It has a lot of hype surrounding it in the YouTube world, and I now understand why a lot of people use it. For me, it conceals redness more than actual concealers, and tackles shine to give you a really even skintone to work with. Somedays I only wear this with/ without mascara if I only have a few minutes to get ready and I feel slightly less exposed. Exposed? Where was I going with this? Maybe I mean less self concious about my skin. Either way I love it! And a good price too!

5) Wishbone
I don't usually include apps in my monthly favourites because I tend to stick with my usual ones like Instagram, YouTube, Topshop, Pinterest and IMDB etc. But last month I really got into using this! It's called Wishbone, and if you are trying to find it in the app store it has a reddy-pink icon with a white wishbone. You basically choose between two options that have been selected for you over a series of around 50 questions per go. A typical sort of question would be: 'What car do you prefer' and then there are two different photos, you pick the one you like and you can then see what the public have chosen in percentages. There are some questions I skip past like 'who wore it better' and 'who is prettier' because I don't really believe in competitions and rivalry in that field but I find it's a great time killer, and it's free which is a bone-us! Get it!? No... ok... 

Looking at the sheer amount of writing I have done- I promise you I do try to cut down on how much I do... it doesn't seem to be working!- I have decided to split this monthly favourites into two because I have been loving a lot of things in August it seems. See you in about two posts! Signed, Geekling. x


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