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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

... And relax!

'Sup peeps! Ok so I'm the kind of person to get stressed about ringing somebody or having to actually put effort into cooking or making something so I know how people feel when they say they are stressed or have got a lot on their plate. So I've decided to post, well, a post (great English there, well done!) with a few tips (that help me, they may not help everyone) on how to relax or just take a break and decrease the stress levels a bit, especially as it is typical 'exam time'.

1) Water
Just have a drink of water! Now I don't really like water that much but I often do this (especially after discovering 'smart water' because it tastes just.. I don't know... fluffy XD) just to kind of signify a new start or moving on, and it makes your body feel better. So yeah, sounds so simple and silly, but seriously. Try it. Now... Try. It.

2) Meditate!
Wow, I sound like I should be sitting here with feathers in my hair on a tie-dyed rug and insence sticks burning near me, but don't laugh! Ok, you can laugh if you want to but after watching a video by Tanya Burr, she recommended an app called 'calm' (it's got a blue icon if you're after it), and I was kind of desperate for some help to relax at this point so I downloaded it. It is guided meditation but I only use it to just relax a bit and take my mind off things so, yeah, don't be reluctant to download it!

3) Buy an art therapy, anti-stress colouring book!
Well now I sound like I should be sitting here with my hair in bunches either side of my head and an action man (say no to gender stereotypes! Aha XD) in my hand. Anyway, they are actually becoming really popular lately and so I picked one up that I liked the look of and it's actually quite nice to sit and colour in the little gaps without thinking, and the art inside is actually really cool.

4) Music
If it is a particular piece of work, or task that is stressing you, and you have know motivation to start or complete it then put both headphones in, switch on some music (I recommend 'Human' by Christina Perri, 'Here' by Alessia Cara, 'I was here' by Beyonce, 'Not Afraid' by Eminem or 'Come as You Are' by Nirvana- as they are quite inspiring but also a little soft and something that isn't too distracting!) and drown out the world. And seeing as you are in your own little bubble it will keep you from distractions... well it does me anyway XD.

5) Just let it out!
Pull a massive smile/ sing out loud to a really aggressive or emotive song/ Dance crazily/ Say some random nonsense/ Punch a pillow/ Force out some laughter or just randomly shout out (don't wake the babies!). These will either make you laugh and be happy= momentarily forgetting your worries or make you feel ridiculous= Give you a distraction problem! XD Try it, seriously

Signed, Geekling. xxx

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