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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My Room 101!

Feeling ill today guys so publishing posts I wrote a while ago. Happy reading 
Okey Dokey guys! After struggling with hay-fever (perhaps that a bit dramatic but I do feel like poo, aha XD) and a sore throat for the past couple of days I really wish that it didn't exist! So it lead me to the idea of this post, a 'what would I put in Room 101' type thing. In case any of you don't know, Room 101 is a UK TV show (I think the concept was taken from a famous novelists' book- not sure who though- whoopsy!) and celebrities have to talk about what they want to get rid of in the world... not all deep things like 'death', more like 'coathangers' and things like that! Aside from hay fever mine are:

1) When they don't have your size in clothing!
For me, there is nothing worse than when you are out shopping and you see a piece of clothing that you fall in love with, and you start frantically searching for one in your size... only to realise that it isn't in stock! Because then you have to go for the size above or perhaps below, which means you have to try it on in store (and I hate trying clothes on in places other than my own home!) or order it online and take the risk of having to return it. *Huffs* Sully feels my pain XD

2) Mayonnaise
Personally I can think of far worse food options than mayonnaise, but at least olives or Marmite aren't in nearly every salad/ pasta dish/ sandwich that is ready-made by a shop. I've tried eating the salads and the pastas which come in the little tubs but they just have too much mayonnaise on- so much that it is impossible to forget it is there. So, yeah, not so much the taste, but the fact it ruins nearly every on-the-go meal option!

3) When there isn't a price on something!!!!
Aaah, this annoys me so much! So many times I have been out shopping and I pick a candle or a piece of clothing or a book or some food up and it doesn't have the flipping price on! I feel really awkward and uncomfortable speaking to the staff in shops or just people besides close friends and family and so I just have to hunt around the shop for a label or another product like it... buy it and take the risk of it being extortionately priced and spending all my money at once or just leaving it. If you're reading this shops, get your sticky labels and start putting prices on everything!

Hope you found this amusing or relatable- what would you put into room 101? Signed, Geekling. xx

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