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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A New Poem

Hi, well hello first proper post! So, I enjoy poetry and writing about things I am interested/passionate about and after spending a lot of time today looking at a screen it inspired me to write this short poem. The whole concept of the poem kind of contradicts what I am doing right now (typing to you guys) but just ignore that little factoid. 

What Happened to Life?

Whilst you turned on the screen
and switched on your phone
When you put in your headphones
And fell into the zone

When you tapped at the keyboard
documented your strife
or you posted your pictures
what happened to life?

When you played a stupid game
Instead of spending time with your wife
When you scrolled down and down
What happened to life?

When you ignore what’s in front of you
And don’t look around
When you capture the moment
But don’t hear the sound.

What happened to life?

So stop your music
stop typing away
stop what you’re watching
Close the game you play

Just Look around you,
for a moment and say
‘What happened to life,
whilst I’ve been away?’

Today's snap is my cute little dog in a winter hat. Naaw!
Signed, Geekling. xx

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