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Saturday, 14 February 2015


Hello everyone... Gosh it has been about a year since I have been on this blog! Whoah- it has brought back memories, don't want to sound emotional or anything! Anyway guys- if anyone is reading this, I just thought I'd let you know I really want to start this blog again! As you can probably tell by the new design and all the deleted posts! I have also just started a whole other blog, if you looked at it or commented on a post I would appreciate it so much. It's called and-a-topcoat and as you can guess is about nails but I do chat and tell you a bit about what is happening in my life! 

Anyway, you'll be hearing from me soon! Love you guys, please have a peek at my new blog. Signed, Geekling. xx

P.s sorry to all the old followers who have just got this notification e-mail that I have posted a new post and they are like 'When did I follow this blog?' sorry! XD 

P.p.s I also might post a bit of my photography on the end of each post, just to brighten up each post! I chose this one because it is Valentine's day- not really celebrating it though! 

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