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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

A Spot of Bother with Technology! Hehe

Goodness gracioso me! For some reason my phone (I'm writing this on 'notes' sat in a car with my slippers on by the way!) just corrected gracious to gracioso!? I'm keeping it- personally find it hilarious. Silly autocorrect. However onto the main subject of this post and that is basically- technology (which it just corrected to tech plague *line mouth emoji*

Don't judge me. I love me' slippers.
As my grandpa just said: 'it can be useful sometimes' of course texting and group messaging and googling etc is a godsend but other times (like today for example!) it can be downright annoying. There. I've said it. I'm sorry. But you have to admit there is truth in that sentence: how many times have you been locked out of your account? Or had to change a password because you forgot one? Or had to desperately google something and then work out why the wifi isn't working!? I have done them all. Numerous times. 

Anyway- today was the last straw! (Quite literally actually, remind me to buy some more next time I go shopping) As some of you may know Pinterest is my most favourite apps on my phone. I think it's well designed, easy to use and with an amazing concept. However when I was trying to setup a blog Pinterest account (which is now set up so if you want to go follow I'm called geeklings blog. I'm @geeklingsb) it all went horribly wrong. Picture the scene:
Me: *scrolls through my personal Pinterest boards, pinning stuff and searching for pins*
Me: 'hey, I might set up a blogger account for this- yeah. That'd be cool.'
Me: *logs out*
Me: *the split second after I pressed the logout button* Wait... Do I know my login details to sign back in?-
Me: NOOOOOOO!!!!!! 
Me: *stares at screen in horror and despair* *wipes tear away*

And now I'm logged out and I can't get back in. 7,000 pins I had built up in under a year. I may just logout of everything, chuck my laptop and phone out of the window and join some nomadic tribe and sell cows for a living. Ok... That may be slightly overdramatic *no, phone- not over 'dram frantic'!?* I was honestly close to tears because I love the account I had built up. Fujifilm followed me for goodness sake! Fujifilm! *everyone quietly googles Fujifilm* 

So yeah. If anyone knows how to get my account back please let me know. I know the password just not the email I signed up with, because I probably made one up. Maybe this is my own fault but I'm too sad to be thinking about ethics right now.

Fellow pinners I offer you a word of warning: 'Think before you log out!' *sniffles*

Signed, Geekling. xxx

*little disclaimer* I am in no way shaming Pinterest or the internet or technology or anything like that, I LOVE them all- to be honest I am just shaming myself and my utter stupidity! Lol. 

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