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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Lush Blogger Event!

Hey and hello! This post is the post I mentioned I would be posting soon in a previous post...
''And the award for worst and most confusing blogging introduction goes to Geeklings Blog!'' *manic cheering*

If you didn't catch the post about the meetup- damn just remembered I reverted it to draft... *re-posts it*- I said that me and my friend kind of gate-crashed a Lush blogger event that evening, which the friendly Lush organiser said was fine. It's not like we were just members of the public, we both have blogs and this would be something we'd post about, we were just not on the list as we hadn't made earlier kind of... reservations *that's the word!*. In fact, she said it's good to have fresh new people talking about things like this. I'd never been called 'fresh' or 'new' before so I was actually very pleased! XD

*freakishly dances to the song which just came on*
Anyway, it turns out that the bloggers which attended got a goodie-bag with a few testers of products which I think were either new or being brought into all shops from the Oxford St. store (which was the main reason why Lush held this event, I think). And so I thought I'd give my first impressions of them and just show you what I got. 

1) Love and Light Hand Cream 
So we got three mini tester pots of different products and the first one was the Love and Light Hand Cream which is the far left pot in the photo. My first impressions after just sniffing the contents of the pot (which sounds weirder than it did in my head XD) was that it didn't have a really strong smell, but I was completely wrong. When you start working the cream into your hands the smell gets a lot stronger and it is an amazing scent. If any of you have got the Burt's Bees cuticle cream, it smells exactly like that! And if you haven't it smells quite citrusy, but it isn't really sharp because the cocoa butter kind of evens it out. It just smells delicious and your hands immediately look and feel a lot softer and smooth. I can tell I'll be using this a lot!

2) Beautiful Shower Gel 
The name of this shower gel does sound like I am describing it whenever I don't put speech marks around it, however if I had to review it in one word I would use the word beautiful! In the photo the gel looks a lot darker and more green than it does when you use it, really it is a vibrant yellow colour with lots of sparkle! Whenever I use this in the shower it instantly lifts my mood just because it's such a happy colour and such a happy scent. Before I researched this on the Lush website I believed the main kind of fruity ingredient was lemon, but turns out it's apricot! Smelling it now actually, I can tell it's apricot... 'Memoirs of Me and my Dodgy Sense of Smell...'

3) Cup O'Coffee Face Mask 
The Lush lady whom was leading the group I was in actually demonstrated this mask on my hand and when she did I could instantly name the smell, it's a really rich, strong coffee and I love it! She explained that because this mask actually includes lots of ground coffee beans it's perfect for when you and your skin need to look and feel a bit more awake! I've just used some on my hand quickly (so I can talk about the product more accurately!) and after I washed and dried it, you can definitely feel the difference- my hand feels so much smoother. I think this is my favourite out of all the goodies we got given on the night. 

4) Yoga Bomb Bath Bomb
This bath bomb has a fairly subtle scent- by this I don't mean that the smell is weak, but the ingredients used are purposely not in-your-face, in order to take a relaxing and calming bath. I actually crumbled a bit of this in a ceramic pot to show you guys (photo below) and it dissolved fairly slowly, with little bursts of turquoise and purples in the water and then a really fine golden glitter which doesn't leave your body in need of another bath, just to wash the glitter out! It's surprisingly really calming just watching the bath bomb fizzle (is this even a word!?) and gradually spread and mix with the water (this was just from my experience with the ceramic dish on my desk so I bet it would relax me so much I'd fall asleep when I actually take it in the bath!). Another thing I noticed was that you could probably easily get away with using only half of this in the water and keeping the other bit for another bath because you get the same atmosphere and affect with only a small amount- great value for money! Highly recommend this. 

And that's all of what I recieved. Thanks to Lush and to... eerm, I don't really know who else I was going to thank! Thanks to you I guess! I've almost hit 9000 pageviews which is crazy, remember if you like what you see you can type in your email at the side of this blog and receive my posts via email after I've published them! Love you all. Signed, Geekling. xxx

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