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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Great Day!

*Little Note* Sorry this is a re-upload, but I reverted it to draft because I just wasn't happy with it. I've got over that now though, so here you go!

Hi guys,
So if you saw my quick post (I think I posted it Tuesday... maybe Monday?) I said that I was going to a meetup sometime soon (not like, myself doing the meetup I mean attending one) and Wednesday was the date! The meetup was hosted by Anastasia from the YouTube channel Floral Princess, Amber from Amber Rose, Eve from Eve Bennett, Lewys from Lookingforlewys and Danni from Danielle Carty. I thought I'd tell you a bit about it for those interested in this kind of stuff, such as what happened and just the day in general. 

11:05 am
Went to my friends house, picked her up, began the journey to the shopping centre where the meetup was held. Played some Pitch Perfect, Troye Sivan, Ed Sheeran, Nirvana and Birdy songs in the car. 
12:30 pm
Arrived and managed to find a place to park
1:45 pm
Went and had a pizza (deep pan margherita, if you were wondering) and a little salad and headed off into the shopping centre to firstly find the meetup location and then do some hardcore shopping!
2:10 pm
Finally found the meetup place after we got lost. Oops. Commenced shopping!
4:10 pm
Concluded the first part of our shopping experience after having visited: Boots, Superdrug, Paperchase, Tiger, John Lewis, River Island, M & S, Simms Olde Sweetshop and the Models Own Bottle Shop which I stood and discretely took photos of for a while because, for a nail polish addict like myself, it was awesome! *Haul will be going up soon* Headed down to the meetup place quite early
Popped into New Look, Topshop (I love Topshop!) Lush (basically walked around sniffing everything in our reach, but doesn't everyone!?) Walked round to get a Starbucks and race to the opposite end of the centre to buy something and saw Amber and Anastasia. Fangirled completely. Embarrased myself. Promised my friend I'd calm down before we met them for real.
Dashed back to the meetup, popped into Starbucks to get a hot chocolate and then sheepishly followed the clan of YouTube fans and YouTubers before plucking up the courage to speak to Eve and get a photo with her. She was really lovely and had some funny things to say. She said I looked like Taylor Swift which kind of made my week... summer. From then on we went round getting a photo with each of them and chatting a bit to them about their channels, and things we liked. I repeteadly admired Lewys' hair. I want it. Like, can he please start manufacturing wigs. Ok I'm getting weird. On a different subject, Anastasia's eye makeup was gorgeous, with a pale deep red cateye effect and I think cream on the lid. And Amber was so lovely, along with Danielle who came up and talked to us about TV!  
6:00 pm
Bought something to eat on the way back and drove home!

Apart from quite seriously burning my tongue (three days later and it only just feels normal!) after anxiously sipping my drink, the day was great and it met my expectations, so thankyou, anyone involved, if you are reading this! We also attended *cough* gate-crashed *cough* a Lush blogger event so details about that will also be going up in a post in the near future. 

Signed, Geekling. xxx
And look I'm being all mysterious pixelating my face out... but here are the photos I had with them! Didn't manage to get one with Lewys though *sad face* XD.

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