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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Highlights of What's in my Make-up Bag! *Warning: Long Post!*

Hello everyone! Just looked and I've reacked 8.5k which feels crazy to say (seeing as I haven't even done a special post yet for reaching 8000!) but I'd love to hit 10k pageviews soon- so that is my next goal- if a little unrealistic. Also (little self promotion going on here!) if you like what you see/read remember to follow me on Blog Lovin' (Look to the right) and follow my blog by email, so you get post updates! Ok, on with the post...

As I have recently been getting into wearing a bit more makeup or just wearing it more regularly I have developed quite an unorganised collection in my makeup bag. As I don't have tonnes of makeup yet I don't have a particular drawer or or set of drawers to store them in- so it all gets chucked in my little makeup bag which isn't really coping very well! Hence a 'highlights of ...' post as if I showed you all of 'What's in my Make-up Bag' it would literally be my whole collection. Equalling in a very boring and very long post. So I decided to pick my favourites from each category (eyes, lips, face) to show you. Ok- on with the post... Take 2!

1) Something I missed out in the close up photo below... Whoops! Anyway it's the Collection 'Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner' 
I feel like gel liners are more popular than felt tip, liner pens but I get on just great with this, and I think that gel liners are for more experienced (less shaky-handed!) makeup users. I've used pencil liners before but I much prefer this, as it glides on smoothly, feels a lot gentler on your eyelid and looks sharper. The only niggle (is that even a word!?) that I have with this is the colour tends to dry quite faded, so I just apply a second layer after. I got this product from Boots.

2) L'Oreal Paris Miss Manga Punky Mascara
I love this mascara so so much! In my second most recent favourites video I was raving about the roller lash mascara by Benefit but that started to sting my eyes constantly when I was wearing it and so when I had the chance to buy this mascara I thought it was worth a go... Plus I loved the sleek, bright packaging. I'm really glad I did because, although the advert for it slightly exaggerates the end result of the mascara it does open my eyes, and it's a bit of an edgier, spiky look as opposed to the typical fluttery, floaty lashes. It does provide mega volume, like it says on the tube and for £8.99 I am super impressed. I got this product from Superdrug.

Forgot about my eyeliner! Whoops!

3) Maybelline Brow Satin Eyebrow Filler
Before I finally bought a product which was specifically for your brows I had used a brown eyeshadow and an eyeshadow applicator (I know right- make-up artist in the making! XD) so when I used this for the first time, it struck me how incredibly easy it was to get a good finished look. I like how it has two ends, a softer sponge end and a pencil to create a really natural brow shape, succesfully filling your brows in but so subtle and precise that if another person were looking at them they wouldn't notice. And for £6.99 it's definite value for money! I got this product from Boots.

1) Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub
This is just a pot of popcorn perfection. Sorry couldn't resist. But seriosuly, this product smells heavenly! I was about to put 'it's like the cinema- but on your lips' but I realised it sounded a bit... weird. Past the smell though the end result of this scrub is also amazing. It leaves your lips so so so soft and smooth, perfect for applying lipstick or gloss as it will apply nice and smooth and look spotless! This was well worth the price, which I was originally reluctant to pay! I got this product from Lush. No, really!? *sarcasm*

2) Ted Baker London Coral Lip Gloss
Apart from the annoyance which a product with no name gives me when trying to write a post about it, I love this lip product. The consistency and the really soft applicator makes it glide on so gently and the shine lasts for a long time. The colour is also really buildable- starting off at a peachy orange colour and tunring into a vibrant coral colour perfect for a bold statement lip in the summer. And, if you don't mind me mentioning, the packaging is to be admired... look at the lid...rose gold! You know how much I love me' rose gold!

3) Patisserie De Bain Lemon Bon-Bon Lip Balm.
I featured this product in a post fairly recently. So if you want to read about it, click here!

1) Maybelline Dream Fresh 8-in-1 BB Cream
I bought this BB cream quite a while ago and it has lasted me a long time, as you don't need much product to cover your face, and it hasn't even started going iffy or drying up yet so I'm really pleased with it. As most of the time I go for a barely there makeup look, I find that this is a perfect base to slightly even out your skin, blur and cover little bumps or imperfections whilst feeling really light and fresh on your face. According to the packaging (which I really like) it also has many benefits for your skin too which are:
  1. It creates a natural glow
  2. It compliments your skin tone
  3. Gives SPF30 UV protection
  4. It hydrates your skin all day
  5. It blurs your imperfections
  6. Oil free so your skin doesn't look greasy
  7. Looks visibly smooth
  8. And finally, feels fresh.
I got this product from Wilkinson's. Available in Boots and Supedrug also, though.

2) Rimmel Match Perfection Highlighter and Concealer
This concealer is a must have for me! It covers most spots, and hides redness really well. Also cancels out the blue/purple shade on your under eyes to give you a fresh and awake looking complexion (even if you are half asleep, like me... most of the time!) I think it suits my skin tone fine and the applicator is handy when I can't be bothered to find a brush to apply it. I've only just started using it as a highlighter, applying it along my brow bone and in the hollows of my cheeks, and I think in the latter place it works surprisingly well to give me more defined cheek bones. It also blends smoothly and I believe it is great quality for the price. I got this product from Superdrug.

Thanks for Reading! Signed, Geekling. x

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