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Monday, 24 August 2015

Posts, Posts... Pinterest... and More Posts!

Hi everyone! Thought I'd give you all a big, but fairly speedy catch up! Not sure who this will help out more, you or me, as I need to get on top of all the different post ideas and when they'll be published etc. So please bare with this non post I just have a lot of things to say and organise XD!

First of all... I got my Pinterest account back! *pops party popper...if she had one... which she doesn't* Which makes me so happy and I've spent so long on there the past few days because I've been making up for all the time I missed and kind of savouring it whilst I've got it. I'd like to say an enormous thankyou to Grace, who was a member of the Pinterest... eerm... I don't know what to call them... *TEN HOURS LATER* help team! That's the phrase! She helped me out so much after I got past the automated reply and so, once again thankyou! Aaah. So relieved. 

Speaking of Pinterest I have set up a new blog account on there, so if you want to see the kind of stuff I like give that a quick look, maybe! My username is 'Geeklings Blog' and my little '@' name thingy is @geeklingsb. My boards (so far) are: 'Beauty', where I pin fashion and makeup, 'Interior and Exterior', where I pin house and garden design and bits and bobs for around the house, 'Art' which is pretty self-explanatory, 'Humour', which is once again pretty self-explanatory, 'Cute' which is mostly small fluffy animals or little illustrations, 'Extra', which contains all the random pins which don't fit into any other board, 'Blog', self-explanatory, 'Photography' same as before, and 'Wishlist' which is a board of all the things I admire or long to have! Hope you like looking through :)

Upcoming post ideas and mini sort of schedule for them so you know what to look out for! These aren't all the posts I'll be doing, there'll most likely be a few more dotted around, or if something strikes me/ happens I'll no doubtedly talk about in here so don't worry if you don't think there's many/ see any you like... although I'm desperately hoping you'll all at least like one. Or I have failed as a blogger. XD.

Early Next Week (Mon-Wednesday):
  • Geekling Bakes: GBBO Week 3. Hopefully making either normal bread, or cranberry and orange soda bread. (I will be doing this up until the end of Bake Off hopefully and so I won't keep writing it down in all the other sections of this post. Same with Thoughtless Thursday!)
  • A post about 'Dismaland' which I am currently about to edit and then publish! -Done!-
Late Next Week (Thursday-Sunday)
  • Thoughtless Thursday! Either Lana Del Rey, more Benedict Cumberbatch (had to refrain from writing his non-normal names... the fandom will know XD) or Autumn themed things/ quotes.
  • Hopefully my Makeup Revolution order will be delivered late next week so I will be doing a haul with all that. I think it'll include 7 items.
  • POSSIBLY a review of a few of the new Tanya Burr Cosmetics if I can get my hands on some!
Early Next Month
A little warning that the amount of posts I publish may slightly decrease during this time
  • August Favourites (If I have enough to post about!)
  • John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo Review (wow, that's catchy... may have to rethink the title of that post XD)
Late Next Month/ Very Early October
  • Some of the Things I Got for my Birthday! (My birthday is in late September if any of you were wondering XD)

And that's it I think! Turned out longer than I expected I just wanted to plan it all out and tell you guys. Singed, Geekling. xxx

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