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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

I Love Autumn!

Hello! Sorry I have been inactive for a while but I won't explain or anything I'll just get straight into the post because I am trying to cut the blabbiness *not even a word*! On we go...

If you didn't already know, Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons simply because everything turns cosy. For instance you can have warm frothy hot chocolate when you get home, and then put on six million scarves and hats to go out and see all the leaves which are golden and orange and deep reds, then when they shrivel up and die (took a slightly depressing turn XD) the carcasses are the perfect subject for photography. I love sitting by the radiator when its chilly outside and to wear big, soft jumpers which make you feel like you're being hugged all the time! Aaah I just adore it... come on weather get cold!

Anyway... maybe it is wishful thinking but I believe that Autumn is almost here and so I ventured outside my pit of blankets on the floor of my house (I know, I know... the outside world surprisingly wasn't as bad as I thought!) and took some Autumny *gosh my English is appalling* photos for this kind of mood board/ random Autumn bits and bobs themed post. Hope you enjoy. 

Country Living Magazines in my Garden
Read a good book or a home and lifestyle magazine with your hot chocolate and biccies. A book I have loved reading recently has been 'The Shock of the Fall'- however old favourites are 'Looking for Alaska', 'Gone Girl' and 'Frozen Charlottle'. I really want to get a copy of the either 'The Halloween Tree' because I love a good scary book or 'The Night Circus' because that seems to have a really magical plot, to read during October (particularly halloween!) Hehe.

Walking amongst the leaves
This lantern with a little white tea light inside is one of the things I am most looking forward to in Autumn. It's going to sit in the middle of my desk at night and the candle will flicker and make me feel all snuggly inside! I think this was under £5 from IKEA... I did a haul including this a while ago though, so click here if you want more details! The candles were in a pack of 100 I think, also from IKEA.

I really love the star cut-outs on the frame as well, because they'll cast some really amazing shadows on my walls. 

*Little disclaimer* Be safe around candles and open flames... (Fun fact: When I was little and I wanted toasted marshmallows -before I discovered I hated them!-  I just put them on the radiator in my room to warm up! Also don't leave candles alight when you leave your house for long periods of time...

Fairylights on my Garden Shed
In my garden, I have about 5 long lines of fairlights tied and weaved and scattered along my shed, a fence, in the leaves and in trees and plants and when the day turns to evening you start to notice the little lights turn on. I highly recommend them, they make your garden (whatever size) look so cozy and magical- which are two very Autumnal words!

Paint Your Nails Like Autumn!
What better way to bring the beautiful shades of Autumn to your outfit than by your nails? Left to right: Essie in 'Bahama Mama', Barry M in 'Mustard' and Ciate in 'Cream Soda'. 

Swatches of the above nail polishes. Pinky finger is Essie, ring finger is Ciate and middle fnger is Barry M.  I love how glossy all these shades are and so easy to apply. 

Put Purple on When Your Lips are Blue! Excuse the barcode- I deleted the better one by accident!

An ultra creamy edgier, glitter duochrome lipstick. Definitely a buildable product. It would look great on Autumn nights out! Shade 338 'Midnight Plum' by Maybelline.

Swatch of the product after only 2 coats. The photo makes it look a lot more pink toned, but it is definitely purple.
Autumn in a Mason Jar
This is the perfect Autumn scent. Smells like cinammon, freshly baked banana bread and yuminess! The packaging is so original as well. This large mug was £10, sent from America.

And that's a wrap! I actually really enjoyed going through the photos and editing and constructing this post so I hope you will too. It's kind of inspired me to do a post like this when each season changes (darn I just missed summer! XD). Have a nice day and a great Autumn. Love you all. Signed, Geekling. xxx

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