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Sunday, 2 August 2015

July Favourites || 2015

Hi my lovelies! It feels like absolutely ages since I did one of these, because I think I chose not to do one last month as I didn't have any particular favourites- however this month I have struggled to pick there were so many! 

1) Crazy Colour Temporary Hair Dye
If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you will now I have an obsession with crazy hair colours, and that I long to have blue, pink, lilac or silver hair when I have the chance... well for now this is my crazy-coloured hair fix. I got given two bottles by a friend- after she recommended them- in the shades 'pinkissimo' which is a hot pink and then 'candy floss' which is a light baby pink. So far I have used 'pinkissimo' and I was sceptical as to whether it would show up on my darkish blonde hair and I was happily surprised that it does! And it lasts about 2-3 washes, only fading a little each time, so I don't have to keep doing my hair if I want to keep it in for a few days, so I much prefer it to hair chalk. I love it!

2) Barry M Mustard Polish & L'oreal Paris Miss Manga Punky Mascara
I have recently been loving the newish L'oreal Paris miss manga punky mascara (such catchy names!) which I will be reviewing and talking about in my next post so I won't go into depth about it now, and instead talk about another beauty favourite of mine! Last week I finally went out and bought a Barry M polish which I have been wanting since I saw it (which is about 6 months ago now!). It is part of the Gelly Hi-Shine collection which is my favourite nail polish collection ever because of the drying time, colours and such beautiful shine. It's in the shade 'mustard' which is such a beautiful summer- into- autumn colour. It's a lot more subtle than I thought, due to my skin tone and so you could really wear it for any occasion. Also with the 70's trend recently, it ties in with that too! For the price, these polishes are incredible. I highly recommend them.

3) Blogosphere Magazine
I got bought this by a relative as they know how much time I spend blogging and on YouTube watching videos and generally participating in all things internet! I read most of it yesterday and (as it says on the front cover) it's a magazine about bloggers, for bloggers. However, if you are looking to discover new blogging content, or are interested in the blogging world (the issue I got was mostly beauty, travel and photography related) then this is a great source. It also has inspiring articles, a really helpful blogging agony aunt and interviews in it (in this issue they featured and talked to Marcus Butler, who is one of the YouTubers I watch, so I was pleased!) And I think it was only a pound or two so well worth a read! 

4) Lana Del Rey!
New favourite singer! New favourite songs! Aaah! How have I not listened to her before!? Her voice and style of singing is so original and unique, and her songs have meaning and stories behind them and aah. I just love her! Some of my favourites so far have been 'National Anthem' which I am listening to as I write this post, 'Born to Die', 'Ultraviolence' (the chorus of that song is just amazing), 'Video Games' and 'Young and Beautiful' which is my current favourite song and I think will be for a while. If you haven't already listened to Lana Del Rey then seriously do. I don't even mind if you stop reading this post to listen to her because she is so good. *Takes a break from writing to binge listen to her songs!*

This game should come with a warning because it is slightly addicting. I keep finding myself going on it on my phone (because it's an app as well as online!) and I end up playing about 20 games (although to be fair, I die in the first few seconds on most of them so...). The highest I've ever got is number 10 in the ranks- I honestly felt so proud! Anyway, it is a game where you are a little blob of colour on a screen, and there are about 100 other blobs in the game as well, who are all real people playing like you- and you try to get as big as you can by eating other people or some of the little balls of food on the screen. It's a lot harder than it sounds- making it basically take over your life... I found out about this after watching Pewdiepie's videos of him playing it with fans and public and I recommend them too (just be careful as they contain quite a lot of swearing... it reflects how frustrating the game is! XD)
Shortly after I got eaten... 
So these are my favourites for July! Hope you discovered something new, or at least found it interesting. If you want me to include more products or things in my favourites then comment down below. I could maybe cut down the writing so it doesn't seem as daunting when you look at it! XD
Have a nice Sunday. Signed, Geekling. xxx

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