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Sunday, 12 July 2015

June Favourites!

Hello my lovelies! So I haven't done one of these for a while, but last month I actually had things that I thought 'you know what, these can go in a favourites', so here we are! Before I ramble on too much, I'll get started. And remember you can click on any image and it will maximise it!

1) New Look Red Tile Print Pom Pom Shorts!
Catchy name, eh? Anyway I recently went to Greece for my holidays (it was amazing, thankyou for asking XD) and I wore these shorts so much! They are so cute and comfortable and are a tomato red colour, with little white detail, and then black edging and pom poms on the leg. It also has a cute little black string with a tassle on the end which you can pull to make the shorts fit better. Anyway, they aren't too high but they are cool so you don't melt, and I just really like them because they go with almost any colour vest or top. I believe there is an online summer sale which has 25% off selected clothing, and I think these were included, so they were under the normal price of £14.99.

2) Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
 As I was just relaxing on holiday, I got through about five books... and the one which stood out for me the most and that I absolutely loved (so much so it's now my second favourite book!) was Eleanor and Park. Hopefully a full book review will be up on my blog shortly so I won't explain lots about the plot too much, but it is basically about two awkward teens who meet on a bus, and slowly they fall in love. The storyline is so sweet, whilst tackling issues like domestic violence and bullying, and it honestly made me put down the book and squeal at times, to closing the book and composing myself so I don't cry. It's definitely a roller-coaster ride! The ending though, aah, the ending! 

                                                                 3) Patisserie de bain: Lemon Bon Bon lip balm!
I've been wearing a nude coloured lipstick quite a lot recently, and I want to get my lips a lot smoother because they are quite cracked and sore, and this has really helped me! Not only does it soften my lips quite quickly, but it smells (and tastes, aha!) so so so nice. Kind of like lemon curd and lemon meringue pie in one! For the price (£5) the pot is so big and I've not even got half way and I've been using it about three times a day for weeks! Also the packaging is really cute and I do appreciate my packaging! 

4) {My Stationary} Typewriter notebook
I was out shopping and I walked past Clinton's and was originally drawn in by the Yankee Candles (isn't everyone aha!?) because I'm after a jar, but then this cute little notebook caught my attention. It's around a5 size with lined pages (which start 1/4 of the way down the page) and then a green edge. And the main design is a little typewriter image and the writing on the card says {Notebook}. Then I turn it over for the price and it was part of a mega sale so it ws only £1- bargainous! I love my notebooks as well, and I thought this would be great for writing down blog ideas or sentences when I am out and about because it's not too big and not very thick either. How simple and effective is it?

5) Benefit Roller Lash Mascara!
Well- this has been featured in so many YouTube make-up tutorial videos that I've watched, and it seems like so many people are raving about it so when I had the opportunity to get my hands on it at duty free (another holiday favourite!) I couldn't miss it. I kind of didn't believe in what the people were saying, I thought it was just people watching other people, using it and so on and so on, but after using it I love it as well! The packaging claims it makes you look like you've used eyelash curlers and it actually does. It also makes your eyes look quite a lot bigger because it curls and extends your eyelashes- so it's great for me with my little raisin eyes! 

6) Primark Floral Hair Ties
I saw these at first on Quisha Rose's YouTube channel (which is amazing by the way, and she posts very regularly) and I thought that they were really pretty and perfect for summer. I didn't intend to go out and seek them though until I walked past them and ended up picking up three! I bought the dusky pink rose one (the one I saw after Quisha featured it) and then a daisy one and a silvery grey one which just has loads of petals. They look nice wrapped twice around a ponytail or to just slide over a bun to make it less formal looking. So, yeah, I am quite pleased that I came across them in the end- and like most things from Primark they are so cheap for the quality!

Hope you enjoyed, not done one of these in a while because they take sooo long but I quite enjoy doing them! Have a nice day/evening. Signed, Geekling. xxx

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