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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Crete Diary: My week in Crete, Greece!

Hello Geeklings!
As I've mentioned in some of my recent posts I have been away to Greece for a week for a little bit of a relax. I have come back feeling a lot less stressed and a lot more happy, so yeah- a good start to summer for me! I've took loads of photos (300!) and I really want to share some of them with you guys so I am going to do a week in photos: Greece post, as well as this post (which has some other photos I took in it as well) which is a mini diary/chat thing. Happy reading!

Ok so after the day that I arrived, which was Friday (at midnight!) we woke up and went out for breakfast because we were self-catering. I wasn't really sure what their dishes were like, most of them were meat (And I'm pescetarian so that was a no-no XD) so I ended up having a pizza... Yes. A pizza. At 10am. Don't judge me! And that was delicious, especially the base. It was like crunchy. Anyway I'm not going to bore you with how the base of a pizza tasted like, so moving swiftly on...

After going to the supermarket to buy cereal and necessities (and me marvelling over the fact they had the coolest Haribo sweets compared to England) we decided to take a walk along the beach. And we were so lucky that our hotel had a small path, a gate, and then the beach was right in front, so we had a lovely view! Anyway, we decided to walk along the beach and oh. My. God. The sea! It's turquoise and clear and it's just. Like. Paradise sea. Those of you who have been to Greece before are probably like 'overreacting' but it was my first time and the sea is just beautiful!

After the walk along the beach and a mini paddle in the sea, it wasn't very clear the first few days because there were a lot of big waves which churned the sand up, we just relaxed all day on the sunbeds next to the pool. We just put the umbrella up, ordered a glass of coke and sat in the sun for about 4 hours (with lots of sun-cream on guys- remember to be sun safe!) and it just felt sooo pleasant to not have to work or do anything. To just. Relax! And of course we went in for a bit of a swim in the hotel pool which also had really nice water and was very refreshing!

And that is pretty much all we did for the week we were there! We did look into day trips to Spinalonga (an island where a leper colony were kept as they thought the disease was contagious) as a bit of history but it was so hot we didn't feel like a coach journey and then a boat journey, so we gave up on that idea.

Also, on the first evening we managed to find a restaurant called 'Corali' (I think it was called that!) which did exactly what you wanted because all the food was made from scratch. Which was great because I am a really fussy eater (I basically just eat plain pasta, plain omelette, margarita pizza and chips!) and the 2 owners were really welcoming, so we returned there each night. It helped that one grew up in England so she understood all the things I wanted left out and things like that, and the other man- called... you pronounced it 'Yanny' but I think it's spelt 'Yannis'- was really passionate about his place and his food and he was always saying the Greece word for cheers 'Yammas'... once again- don't know whether I'm spelling that right! They also owned a really cute dog which we managed to stroke almost every night! Who wouldn't!?

So yeah! That is my Greece diary pretty much done. I'm guessing you didn't really want me to tell you about the flight back home- it went smoothly and was only delayed by about 10 minutes, thankyou for asking- hope you enjoyed reading about it, and are not put off by the money crisis because when we went (last week), for tourists, as long as you bring cash and don't rely on the ATM's, it was fine and you didn't really notice it. Businesses need the tourists to come in or they'll struggle even more financially, so don't hesitate going if you get the chance just because of their situation!

Write to you soon. Signed, Geekling. xxx

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