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Friday, 31 July 2015

People Quotes #1

'It's a new dawn, it's a new day, and I'm...
Starting a new post series! Hopefully it'll turn out better than that Muse lyric adaptation! XD
Something I'm going to warn you is this series will be irregular due to the topic of it (which I'm going to be telling you about in a minute- calm down!) and so it might be a few a week for a while, then maybe one a month because the subject comes as it comes.

So when I went shopping recently with a relative we were crossing the road and I overheard a mum talking to their child and she said something so cute and funny- and something you don't hear too often! And I decided to make it into a series called 'People Quotes'! It's basically just snippets of conversation I overhear when I am out and about that stick in my mind long enough for me to jot them down! I will be doing one per post because they are obviously quite rare but I thought it will be a refreshing short post as opposed to most of my 
others. Ok, the first ever 'People Quotes' post is:

''I know you're a superhero but your magic powers won't stop you from getting run over!''
- a mum trying to get her young son to hold her hand when crossing the road.

Thought this one was great! Signed, Geekling. x

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