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Thursday, 23 July 2015

A Fresh Start!

So, what do you guys think? New theme, new layout, new blog title layout, new background! Lots of new things- not a new me though!

As you can probably tell if you have visited this blog more than once (why thankyou. It's a rarity!) I have somewhat changed the look and feel of my blog. I intend to write more from the heart as well, all my thoughts (well, perhaps not all my thoughts. Jeez, my posts would be coming a million a day!) and daily ideas, instead of the norm challenges. I'll still do most of my old kind of posts but as well as the above suggestions. I'm getting quite excited now. I love you, blog!

Oh and a little shoutout to the people that visited here today- or that one person who kept refreshing my page because they thought the wi-fi wasn't working. It is, by the way. For some reason (I've tried to find out why but I can't seem to locate the source) my pageviews have increased by more than half today. What a lovely thing!

Ok, that's it. Carry on with whatever you were doing. I'll return to my writing and stretch my leg before it goes entirely numb because for some reason I'm writing this whilst sitting in a ball on the floor. Such spontaneity! 

Signed, Geekling. xx 

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