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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Summer Bucket-List

I'll be surprised if I achieve any of these but the kids are out and it's summer! Keep coming back to this post because I'll be crossing them off as I complete them! *Five years later. Still none crossed off* Oh, the optimist I am!

1) Bake a really awesome cake/cupcakes/cookies
Blog post about them here!
2) Go on a photography trip... You know I love me' photography!
3) Walk my dog somewhere really nice and escape the busy world momentarily.
4) Spend time with my friends.
5) Have a Sherlock marathon with Sherl! Missing you Sherl!
6) Make a batch of cumber-cookies and call it a Cumberbatch!... I'm such a saddo...
7) Complete a book... I've been stuck in the 'just finished a good book and now I never want to start another one again' rut for a while now.
8) Have a day of non-stop F.R.I.E.N.D.S box set watching!
9) Spend a whole day when I don't use my phone. *Scoffs*
10) Improve my blog and get more daily viewers on average. So spread the word about my blog!
11) Go jogging... the last time I went I about froze to death. It was winter. Leggings were the wrong choice of clothing. I don't know what I was thinking!
12) Go to IKEA  
See what I bought, here!
13) Find out what 'Bubble Tea' is!? Seriously, what is that stuff!? Anyone who knows, comment down below!
14) Complete some of my unfinished art... I have a few pieces that I lose confidence on or get bored of and so they just get left unfinished. 
15) Go to Camden Market again... one of my favourite places in the world!

Here's a picture of some grass.
Signed, Geekling. xx

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