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Monday, 20 July 2015

A Mini IKEA Haul!

Hello! Recently (yesterday XD) I went on a little trip to IKEA after someone mentioned Swedish meatballs and I suddenly wanted to go! I went for a mooch (not for anything in particular) and so ended up fuelling my candle addiction... As well as buying a few other things as well. Enjoy!

1) Lantern Tea-Light Holder!
When I saw this I fell in love! It is so incredibly cute and quaint and even though I think it is meant for outdoor use I have decided it looks nice in my room! It is an off-whitey grey colour with a glass middle to show off the tealight. It's made of metal- which has little stars cut out and dotted around the body- so I'm imagining that it will create some interesting shadows in dark light if the tea-light is lit. I can't wait to use it!

Price: £2... bargainous!

2) Teapot Notebook!
The last time I visited IKEA they didn't have a gift-wrapping or stationary section, but this time I noticed they'd designated a colour-coordinated (thankyou IKEA!) corner for just that! So I looked around and spotted this quirky notebook with a vintage teapot illustration on the front and then black edging to the pages. After using it today to do some doodling I love it even more because the pages are put in in a way that means when you open it to a certain page, the other side doesn't flop over... both sides are completely flat so you don't have to hold them down. Does that make sense? Anyway, I'm happy I got it!

Price: £3

3) Geometric Tumbler!
I have a bit of a weird love for glasses and cups and tumblers etc so I love that particular section in IKEA. I have loads of quirky glasses and milk jugs and things like that so when I saw this I thought it was a simple but effective addition to the collection. Mint green is also one of my favourite colours and I think it compliments the other navy and white triangles really well. I also don't drink a lot (drink lots- it's important!!!) so this is the perfect size portion for me.

IKEA name: HANSYN (the 'a' has the two dots over the top but I can't seem to add that on Blogger, sorry!)
Price: 50p- Amazing value!

4) Rose Candle Trio!
Back to candles! These candles are so vintagey (not a word, but it should be!). Not only are they really shallow so they can go almost anywhere and look really girly and cute but the wax is a beautiful pale pink colour and the ceramic dish it sits in is decorated with little rose detail! I'm not a huge fan of floral scents but I actually, really like this subtle smell (which is of course, rose!). I have dotted these candles, individually, around my room, but I'm sure if you found the right dish they'd look lovely as a trio on display.

Price: £3 for three

5) Apple Candle & Frilly Holder!
Apple is one of my favourite scents, and at only 95p for a glass full, I had to get my hands (and nose! XD) on this candle. Then, when I was walking around with it in my big yellow IKEA bag I came across the frilly white candle holder in the photo! I bought one of these the last time I came to IKEA and used it to a hold a heart-shaped cactus (don't ask!) but I thought that it would also look good against the lime green wax of the apple candle and so I bought it- what do you think? I think it looks very Tumblr and cute!

~Apple candle~
Price: 95p

Price: £2

And here is a picture of my dog, Tike, photo bombing the picture... He's not quite sure what a 'candle' is yet, but he liked the apple smell! Aaaw, he's so cute!

* I also picked up a cream version of the candle, exactly the same but has the scent of vanilla. I thought I'd pop it in the holder when the apple one burns out!

I also picked up a 'Knubbig' table lamp for £7 however I have set it up on my desk and it is in a really awkward place for me to be able to take a photo of it! It is right in the corner behind my stationary and next to my paperwork so the photo looks really messy! Anyway, it is a small ceramic circular lamp made of frosted glass. The glass has a subtle opaque white floral detail on top of the glass though to add some interest. I love it! 

That's it for now! Thoughtless Thursday this week is either Benedict Cumberbatch (*hearts as eyes emoji!*) or 'Totally Tumblr' Tumblr overlays... not decided yet! Vote down below in the comments. Signed, Geekling. xxx

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